When considering care for your new Saltwater and Silver piece, it's good to remember that the better you treat your jewelry, the longer it will last. Sterling silver pieces can last lifetimes and become precious heirlooms when provided with intentional care. 

General Care

Remove all jewelry before swimming, bathing, hand-washing, and exercising.  Harsh chemical such as chlorine can cause metal discoloration as well as damage to stones. Apply and allow to dry lotions, perfumes, and sprayable hair products prior to wearing your favorite Saltwater and Silver piece.


Sterling Silver

Inevitably, sterling silver will tarnish when exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air- it's just the nature of the alloys and is completely normal! We recommend storing your jewelry in an airtight bag, in a cool and dark space to minimize this tarnishing. At some point all silver will need a polish to restore its original luster. We love the Sunshine Polishing Cloths available on our site! Gently rub the cloth over the area to be cleaned in a back-and-forth motion until shine is restored. Be careful to avoid areas that are intentionally darkened (patina) and any stones. 



All brass pieces are sealed with Renaissance Wax, but this can eventually wear away with use. If tarnish or cloudiness occurs, simply polish with our favorite Sunshine Polishing Cloth available on our site.


14k Gold Fill

Soak pieces with 14k gold fill in a soapy, warm water solution for 5-10 minutes, then clean with a soft tooth brush. Dry your piece with a soft cloth- we love an old t-shirt or flannel- and allow to fully dry before storing or wearing.