At Saltwater and silver, we would love to create custom, unique jewelry for you when there are openings.


 Curious how to do that? Read below for more information!


Custom slots are available for clients who desire to have jewelry created from their found-teeth or teeth that may be in stock at Saltwater and Silver. 

**We will no longer be creating customs with stone-only designs. 2-3 slots will be open at a time and they will be announced via instagram an email.


The first step in the custom work process is to determine what kind of piece you would like created. Is it a recreation, an essential, or a brand new design based on previous ones that we've made?

Once that is determined, then find images of 1-3 pieces that we have created for reference to build a new and unique piece for you! Maybe you love the Salacia Ring but would like to add a few different elements that you saw in another piece. More thank likely we, can do it! 


After speaking with Stephanie to ensure custom availability (via email or instagram DM @saltwater.and.silver) you would then purchase the corresponding Custom Design Fee for your piece. This cost does not go toward the final cost of your custom jewelry.  Stephanie will guide you on which to purchase. This design fee covers the cost of sourcing stones, drawing, and all correspondence time. This fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, required for each piece created, and is outlined below:


  • $250 Design fee for any newly designed piece (if a piece has not previously been made, your custom fee will fall here). If ordering multiple pieces, this is PER PIECE if designs will be different. 
  • $150 Design fee for recreating any past designs (if a piece has been previously made your design fee will fall here). If ordering multiple pieces, this fee is also per piece if stones will be different. 
  • $50 Design fee for creating an essential (cuff, earrings, necklace) with your own tooth


Customs are created in ONLY silver, 14k gold fill, or solid gold. Saltwater and Silver no longer works in brass, copper, bronze, etc for custom pieces.


For new designs Stephanie will offer 1-3 options based upon what has been discussed. After the final design is chosen a quote will be provided. Payment for the custom piece is due at this time. If you are looking for a split payment option that is available too- just mention it to us and we can discuss further! 


Turnaround time is a maximum of 6 weeks after design is approved and payment is received. When available we will offer updates along the way, and will always notify once the piece is completed.


**We love to create unique pieces at Saltwater and Silver, but we will absolutely, under no circumstances copy artwork created by another artist. We are so grateful for your desire to support us, but in this case the support should be sent to the original creator. Thank you for understanding.**


Any designs created by Saltwater and Silver retain their copyright as intellectual property and can be recreated and sold at retail by Saltwater and Silver if so desired. 


Still have questions? Feel free to send us an email or reach out via DM on instagram @saltwater.and.silver