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If you're inspired by the work that we create here at Saltwater and Silver, there's a REALLY good chance that you're going to LOVE Saltwater and Silver Education! Click here to get there!


Stephanie is now offering educational content via online courses as well as 1:1 mentorships.
The online courses are an incredible space to dive into silversmithing, whether you're brand new or well-seasoned, there's something for everyone to learn.


If you'd like to deepen your education after completing Intro to Soldering (or if you already have knowledge of soldering) we recommend signing up for a 1:1 mentorship working directly with Stephanie.
This is a space where she can answer all of your questions and help you up-level your craft. This container is an excellent compliment to the courses, but is also available outside of them!

1:1 30 minute Zoom meetings are also available HERE

Please reach out to us via our contact page HERE or directly at if you have any inquiries. 
Mentorships are available in 5 day blocks, Monday through Friday with a minimum of 5 days. We have seen amazing success with past mentees and can't wait to help you grow too!


** If you're looking for a quick and easy place to begin, you can find an extensive tools and equipment list available to download by clicking here ** 


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